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How It All Started...

It all began when my knowledge about miles, points, award travel, and credit cards was limited. At that time, my only desire was to travel more in order to bridge the distance in my long-distance relationship with my then-boyfriend (who is now my husband). We were determined to find ways to meet frequently without breaking the bank on flights between the US and Europe. That’s when I stumbled upon the Chase Sapphire Credit Card, which offered a tempting 60k sign-up bonus. The idea of free travel excited me!

After getting the credit card, I soon realized that although the signup bonus would provide a significant discount through the booking portal, a round trip ticket would still be quite expensive. It became apparent that I would need to dive deeper into the world of booking flights with points if I wanted to find a better deal. After many hours of research, I finally discovered Flying Blue. Through this award program, I could secure a round trip to the United States for just 22k points! In other words, after meeting the spending requirement, I would have enough points for three flight tickets between the USA and Europe. This revelation forever changed my perspective on traveling.

Since then, my husband and I have enjoyed a date in Milan, Italy, and explored the Tatry Mountains in Poland, all the while still having enough points to cover an additional flight for my husband to visit Washington, DC. After discovering Flying Blue, we never paid full price for a flight ticket again. Over the years, we have traveled to numerous exotic destinations, redeemed millions of miles, and have taken advantage of countless lucrative credit card offers. Today, our family travels in business class solely by utilizing credit card points. The high prices of flight tickets no longer deter us from exploring the world.

Inspired by our experiences, I decided to assemble a team of passionate travelers who are experts in redeeming credit card miles and points. Our goal is to make travel accessible to everyone. 

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